CyberChip Requirement Page

As part of the new BSA 2016 Requirements, the following ranks must earn their CyberChip badge

  • Scout
  • Star
  • Life

We have created a page on our website that lists out the requirements for CyberChip under the Advancement Menu


Cyber Chip Requirements



Summer Camp Patrol Meetings

Happy Yawgoog Campers,

Parton meetings for Yawgoog will be Wednesday night 7:00pm – 8:30pm behind the Nesconset Library.  Patrol leaders please bring supplies to make your patrol flag.
Scoutmaster Sean
PS. Today Sunday afternoon, June 26th, between 2-5 please come to the storage unit (behind James Crest Florist, Main street Smithtown) for trailer clean-up.  Please and thank you of course.

Yawgoog Merit Badges 2016

Yawgoog 2016 Merit Badge Schedule.

Scouts please select three (3) merit badges to work on at camp.  Get back to me by June 29th.


Yawgoog- Summer Camp survival tips

What Parents Need to know about Summer Camp

What to pack:

  • Scout Handbook
  • Class “B” T-shirt
  • Bathing Suit
  • Jacket or Sweat shirt
  • PJ’s
  • shorts, pants, t-shirts
  • daily change of underwear
  • socks
  • rain gear
  • hiking boots
  • sneakers
  • Sleeping bag
  • Clothes hanger
  • towel & wash cloth
  • soap & shampoo
  • toothbrush & paste
  • comb / brush
  • sun screen
  • insect repellent
  • flashlight
  • extra batteries
  • compass
  • whistle
  • pen / pencil & paper
  • Water Bottle (Nalgene)
  • Spending Money
  • Scout Spirit


  • Pocket knife
  • fishing pole & tackle
  • camera
  • bible / prayer book
  • watch

Please pack the above in a duffle bag.  A small back pack should be carried on the ferry- with  the last minute things, a snack, and a t-shirt to change into after we arrive at camp.


Expect everything brought to camp to get dirty, wet ( especially your child) and possible mixed with other scout’s gear. PLEASE LABEL everything.

What NOT to pack:

cell phones, MP3 players, ipods, electronics games little brothers & sisters.  Please use prudent judgement.  Adult leaders will have cell phones if your child needs to call home.  We will not be responsible if expensive electronics are lost or damaged. Furthermore, there is no electricity in camp to recharge these items.

If your son needs a medical device or other item you would like us to “watch out for” please let us know.  From experience, one child lost an expensive medical prosthetic shoe insert, if the adults knew he had this device we would have made arrangements to look after it’s care.

MEDICATIONS:  Many kids in the troop require daily medications or medical devices.  Before we leave for camp, please speak with the scoutmaster, Sean McCarthy/ Andy Bobor, and arrange a schedule.  This is best done at the gear drop off day (Saturday before we go).  Please keep medications in the original container with the pharmacy label on it.

Gear Drop Off:

On Saturday July 9, 10:00 to 12:00 the troop will meet at Sean McCarthy’s house, 5 Short Court, Nesconset ( south of 347 off Regency Court & Lake Ave. cell #631-553-7830) to drop off any gear going to camp.

Please bring a complete scout uniform on a hanger for inspection.

Troop Bank

Some scouts may have trouble being thrifty.  We understand this.  At the gear drop off you can make arrangements with the troop banker if your son needs help in managing money.  Rule of thumb $4-$5 per day is a high average, the scouts may want extra for a special item or gift.

The important thing to remember is we do not have the facility to make change at camp.  For example, if you want your scout to have $5 per day please give the banker an envelope with 7 $5 bills (a $20 $10 $5 just will not work).

Some scouts may want to purchase that special gift or tee shirt.  Make arrangements with the banker to hold and release extra cash for this purchase.

The bank is “open” every morning and run by one of the adult leaders in camp.

Traveling to camp:

The troop will meet at the Orient Point ferry on Sunday July 10 around 12:00 noon.  We usually meet at the snack bar just north of the ferry terminal.  Bring a lunch and a camera.  The troop will return the following Sunday July 17.

The ferry company has made arrangements with local farmers to use a field just to the north of the ferry terminal, behind the snack bar.  Please meet there at 12:00ish.

What to expect on Sunday July 10: Travel Day

12:00 to 1:00 meet, greet, check in, and eat at the Orient Point snack bar

1:00 to 2:00 Pictures & board ferry

3:00 to 4:00 exit ferry board bus to camp

4:00 to 6:00 check in at camp, medical forms will be reviewed, kids can change shirts relax & wait in field

6:00 to 7:00 settle in to campsite

7:00 Dinner at campsite – traditional subway hero

8:00 to 10:00 finish setup camp

11:00 lights out

Life in Camp:

Buddy system will be observed at all times.

If Scout and buddy leave campsite sign out / sign in book must be logged.

Wild life your son will encounter is varied and for the most part equal to what we have here on the island.  But, the most ferocious, brazen of all the creatures that call Yawgoog home is the “Mini Bear”, Tamias Striatus.  This fearless eastern chipmunk has for years caused troop 349’s scouts countless sleepless nights and episodes of great anxiety due to cookie theft investigations.   The next most dangerous creature calls the depths of Yawgog pond home. The Yawgoog snapping turtle is a legendary creature who over the decades has acquired size, agility, and abilities only equaled by the Lockness monster.

Draw your own conclusions, but Scouts beware!

Typical day in Camp:

wake up –  chores /camp clean up – flag raising – breakfast – merit badge session 1 & 2 – lunch –  Merit badge sessions 3&4 –  change into uniform –  flag retiring –  dinner –  troop activity –  campsite activity –  lights out…..

As a first time scout your son can expect to have two merit badge classes per day.  One will be Mammal studies taught by assistant scoutmasters. The other will be a craft taught by camp staff.  The materials for the craft may cost between $5 to $10 depending on the craft your son chooses.  Your scout will also go to a scout skill class or other activity during one of the merit badge sessions.  Finally he will have one “free’ time period per day.  Adult leaders will coach the scouts to use this “free” time constructively.

Fishing is allowed and encouraged at camp.  The lake at Yawgoog is a “catch and release” lake.  The fish are mostly vegetarian and are wise to all the tricks.  The best bait is leftover bread from lunch or dinned.  No need for exotic lures or live / frozen bait.  There are a couple of “favorite” spots on the lake.  Older scouts will share with younger scouts if asked nicely.  You may take a fishing pole to camp or rent one at the Ashaway aquatic center,  $1 or $2 for the week. Due to space restraints of our trailer, we recommend renting or borrowing a pole.  There are usually several around camp your son can use. The troop will actually rent a couple of poles from the camp for your son’s use.

Special Meals:

If for some reason your child requires a special diet please return this e-mail and I will send you a form for the camp.  With advance notice, the camp is very god a accommodating special diets weather it is medically necessary, religious or by choice.

We have a form for that!  Nobody goes hungry at camp.

Family Day & Camp Visits:

Family day is Saturday July 16th, you are welcome to come experience camp for yourselves, if you wish to do so.  We usually have two or three families visit each year.  Curious enough they seldom return the next year, I wonder why??? However, the scouts always return with mom & dad’s blessing…..

Care Packages:

The troop has a long 40+ year history at Yawgoog.  Several traditions cannot be varied.  One such tradition is Wednesday night care packages.  Every scout gets something from home.

Mr. & Mrs. Johnston are in charge of care packages.  More details will be sent to you prior to departure, in general all packages are to be dropped off to the Johnston’s house before Tuesday July 12th.

Please keep the packages to the size of a shoe box.  Pat drives a big car but with over 70 scouts space is limited.

Well I’ve tried to cove everything If you have any questions or concerns please talk to us.  

Yours in Scouting,

Scoutmaster Sean

2016 Yawgoog Medical Form

2016 Yawgoog Health Form   –  Use the 2014 Form

2014 BSA Health Form

2014 BSA Health Form – fillable PDF version

We need a copy of both side of your insurance card attached to the medical form for camp.

Please have forms in as soon as possible, no later than July 1st. Thank you.

Scoutmaster Sean

Congratulations to our Newest Eagle Scouts

Congratulations to our newest Eagle Scouts, Matt Drago, Tyler Ferrara, and Chip Rinaldo and their familes, and thank you to all of our honored guests sharing the day with us.

I would like give a special to our Eagle Scout Committee for all of the hard work that they put in to make to day.  Also, I would like to thank Mrs. Rubesh who made this bag to help the Eagles Scouts bring home all of the awards that they received today.

Thank you Mrs. Rubesh - They are beautiful!

Thank you Mrs. Rubesh – They are beautiful!


Wednesday’s Court of Honor Meeting – June 8

Troop Family,

On Wednesday June 8th we celebrate the accomplishments of the boys by honoring them at our Court Of Honor.

This event is paired with our end of Scout Year celebration. In true Troop 349 fashion we will have a BBQ at the Beach. This is a family event and we have asked each family to bring a salad or dessert to share ( if you signed up thank you, if not just bring something). The Troop will supply hamburgers, hot dogs and the paper goods. This is a BYOBeverage event (no alcohol). 

Dinner starts at 6:00 and the COH starts at 7:00pm. It might be a little chilly at the beach and there is rain forecast earlier in the day, but we are a all weather troop.

Class A uniforms are needed for the COH. Please and Thank you of course.

Location & Directions:

Schubert Pavillion, Long Beach road, Nissequogue NY 11780.
Take lake ave to Morriches road in St. James. turn left on to Morriches and travel not into Nissequogue. turn right onto Long Beach Road (just past the fire house) and travel into the park. The Schubert Pavillon is in the second parking lot next to the yacht club. See you there around 6pm.

Scoutmaster Sean.

Schubert’s Beach

Eagle Court of Honor – June 11, 2016 – Request for Desserts

Hello Troop 349!
On June 11th, 2016, we will be celebrating Matt Drago, Tyler Ferrara, and Chip Rinaldo’s Eagle Scout Court of Honor. We are asking for donations from the troop for desserts. Please click on the link below to view the online sign up sheet. Thank you.

Eagle Court of Honor Desserts Signup

White Water Trip – Saturday June 4

Hello Troop 349!
I wanted to give out some details for those going on the Whitewater Trip this weekend:
1.We will meet at 5:15 AM on Saturday morning behind James Crest Florist in Smithtown.  It will take about 3 hours to get to Whitewater Challengers ( )
2.Bring a bag lunch for Saturday.  Remember to put it inside two Ziploc bags (bag in a bag).  The lunches go in a bucket that goes in the raft and we want them to stay dry (unlike us! )
3.We will be eating dinner and breakfast at WhiteWater Challengers.  We will have a box lunch prepared for us on Sunday.
4.After bicycling on Sunday, I would expect that we get back to Nesconset about 6 PM.  We will be picking up at Nesconset Plaza on Smithtown Boulevard because of Smithtown Day.  This is by the Nesconset library.
5.For biking on Sunday, each scout must have a helmet to ride.   The trip is very flat and not strenuous at all.
6.A day pack to wear on the bike on Sunday is useful to hold your lunch and drink while biking.
7.All scouts needing advancement sign-offs should bring their scout books.
8.Scouts will not be allowed electronics once we get to Whitewater Challengers.  No Phones. No Ipods. No Gaming Players.  No Electronics. You can do it for a weekend!
9.Scouts should bring:
a.     Bathing suit – suggest wearing Saturday morning
b.    Change of clothes (maybe even two )
c.     A hat – but NOT your Smithtown troop hat! ( it might get washed away! ).  A Yawgoog hat is fine.
d.     Sleeping bag
e.     Towel ( they do have showers there as well )
f.     Sneakers (for the campsite and biking)
g.    Sunscreen / Bug repellant
h.    Any spending money ( there is a gift shop and they sell ice cream in the camp as well )
i.     A raincoat/jacket for warmth and in case it rains
j.     Scout Spirit!!

10.What to expect: Please sleep in the car, (the driver will appreciate it). When we arrive we will be assigned a campsite.  Sometime after that we will go and check in and get a full wetsuit and booties.  After that we will get life jackets and be assigned a bus for the ride to the river.  next several hours we will be on the river.  Back to camp where there will be lots of activities you can participate in.  Sunday is biking the trail along the river.

Based on the past years of going, I know we are going to have a great time!
Scoutmaster Sean

Tonight’s meeting – June 1


Tonight’s meeting starts at the Nesconset Library and will end next to Ace Hardware in Nesconset.  Please make arrangements for the venue change.

Scoutmaster Sean

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